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Bowen Island Gymnastics Club (BIGC) is a registered non-profit society run by a volunteer parent Board of Directors  With a staff of part-time coaches, a Program Director and a Registrar, the Club works as an independent partner with the Bowen Island Municipality, The Bowen Island Parks and Recreation Commission and the Bowen Island Community School (BICS).  


Currently serving over 150 gymnasts in the Bowen Island community (approximately 15% of Bowen youth!), the Club seeks to continue to expand our gymnastics programming.  It is currently, and has been for a number of years, one of the largest recreatio nal programs offered on Bowen.


Our philosophy is for each child to meet their own challenges in a secure and friendly atmosphere, while encouraging each gymnast through skill development, team camaraderie and spirit, cross-age interaction and mentoring.




BIGC formed in March 2004 after running as part of Bowen Island Parks and Recreation Commission for the previous 10 years.  During that time, the popularity of the program increased such that it became difficult for the Commission to administer.  Volunteer parents of competitive gymnasts took over running most aspects of the programs in 2001.  The final decision was made at a general meeting in the Fall of 2003 to proceed with forming the Club. Furthur discussions occurred between the newly formed BIGC Board of Directors, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the West Van School District and the Bowen Island Municipality regarding the continued use of the BICS gym for our gymnastics programs.




Bowen Island Gymnastics Club exists to offer gymnastics programs to all ages and abilities in a safe, challenging and fun environment.  Our programs encourage the progression of participants' individual skills while at the same time, providing opportunity to engage in team building and cooperative exercises.  We believe in fostering mentorship between gymnasts of all levels and ages as well as encouraging the development of skills which will benefit the participants both inside and outside the gymnasium.







As we are a mainly volunteer run Club, there are many volunteer opportunities for your family. Some positions may be ongoing such as volunteer coordinator and Board members.  Others may be more occasional like bodysuit and concession sales.  Most volunteer opportunities will be advertised via email and monthly newsletter.  


Here are some areas in which volunteers are always needed and truly appreciated:


-Set-up and Take-down of gymnastics equipment (REQUIRED EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!!!!)

-Board of Director members

-Volunteer Coordinator

-Communications (newsletters, articles to Undercurrent)

-Marketing and Promotion (posters, ads, etc.)

-Equipment Maintenance

-Fundraising and Special Events (set-up, decorations, concession sales, etc.)

-Bodysuit Sales


If you have a special interest in any of the above areas or feel you have an area of expertise you can assist in that is not listed, please contact Alex Sinclair at bowengymnastics@gmail.com




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