How do I pay for classes?

The best way to pay for your classes is to be at the gym during registration times.  Otherwise, you will have to contact our registrar, Alex Sinclair at bowengymnastics@gmail.com.  We accept cash, direct deposit and cheques made out to BIGC.  


Please note, a $25 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques.



Can we still join classes after the term has started?

Yes, but there is no pro-rating and so the class fee will be required in full.

We are having trouble afording fees.  Is there anything we can do?

Yes, we have a bursary program which can help.  Please see the Bursaries section on the Classes page for more information.


Can we just drop in to classes?

No, we have no drop in classes available.  

What should my child wear for class?


Please wear a bodysuit or tank top/t-shirt and shorts/leggings.  Avoid loose clothing.  Also, feet must be bare (no socks).  Participants with long hair need their hair tied back and off their face.  For safety and security, please do not bring jewelry to the gym.


Can parents and siblings watch?


Parents and siblings can watch through the gym door windows and through the viewing window in the gym foyer.  Parents and siblings are not allowed to sit and watch in the gym.  


How is my child expected to behave in class?


BIGC participants are expected to treat others with dignity and respect.  BIGC participants include class participants, coaches, staff, volunteers and parents.  Any behaviour that is insulting, intimidating, malicious, degrading and/or offensive is not acceptable.  If anyone has comments or concerns about a participants behaviour, please talk to your child's coach or contact the registrar or a board member.